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Tula Living

Hi I’m Vanessa Guinto, a certified Interior Decorator and Professional Organizer. I started TULA LIVING because of my passion for mental health and deep desire to help others.

TULA LIVING is all about intentional design for people, like you, who want to support their mental and emotional well-being. I focus on practicing self-care through simple living, decluttering, organizing, and design.

Whether you are going through a time of transition, feeling overwhelmed by the chaos at home, or simply needing a brand new refresh, I’m here to help you tackle it all. Our personalized and holistic approach means that our focus will be on creating both a functional AND beautiful space that supports YOUR lifestyle and emotional needs. Knowing exactly where to find things gives you more TIME. When you step into a clear and tidy space, you can RELAX and when you love the space you live in, you feel ENERGIZED and INSPIRED. Through our services, we can help you create an environment that makes you feel good and allows you to live the life you desire.

Contact: Vanessa Guinto

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