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The Heylu

After Mervat started her journey towards igniting her intuition in 2015, it wasn’t long before she had become certified as a Reiki Master, a BEAM Practitioner and a Clairvoyant. Doing card readings for others, and tapping into Source energy to deliver the messages that they are ready to receive, is what she often describes as “the most fulfilling work” that she has ever done. As an experienced Clairvoyant and Master Energy Healer, she works on those who are seeking guidance, clarity and answers into their lives and empowers them into transitioning to their next highest and best self. Since Covid-19, she has transitioned into working primarily online, to give people the personal experience of getting an intuitively channelled card reading and energy healing, from the comfort of their own home.

Contact Name: Mervat Ignuta

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