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The Domestic Athlete

Greetings! I am an online Health & Lifestyle Coach, and Reiki Master. I help busy parents and professionals access the health and vitality they need to bring their best to all life endeavours. By blending the fundamentals of fitness and lifestyle design, with coaching and energy healing we can work together to customize a plan that fits within your personal and professional life situation. What other Moms have been experiencing from this approach include: simple processes for establishing an exercise routine, practical systems for fueling the body that are healthy and flexible, mastering the power of realistic and sustainable living, feeling reconnected with their inner light and true passion.

ALL Cove Moms can also test drive this process, through participating in a FREE 10-Day Reboot, that can be initiated as soon as 48 hours after completing the Lifestyle Optimization Questionnaire, to gain insight in the area of greatest potential within their current life situation. In this process they will have access to a coach every step of the way as they experience the compounded benefits of making one simple move.

For added support, accountability and FUN, the 10-Day Reboot can also be experienced as a group with other Moms!

Contact Name: Brian DeCastro

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