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Doula Kait

I’m Kait, a Toronto-based (but very mobile) doula who is ready to support you throughout pregnancy, birth, and beyond!

Think of me as your pregnancy and birth coach – whether this is your first child or your fifth, I am here to support you similarly to how a personal trainer helps you at the gym, how a wedding planner helps you achieve your dream wedding, or how a tour guide helps you plan your perfect vacation.

From day one, I will support your pregnancy with resources, information, and education; your birth with positivity and hands-on comfort measures; and your early post-partum journey with confidence and love.

I will be by your side as you bring your baby into the world whether at a hospital, birthing centre, or in the comfort of your own home. Once baby is born, I will continue to provide you with educational support as well as encouragement and emotional support as you become acquainted with your baby. I will support your infant feeding journey (breastfeeding or otherwise) and offer household organizational support.

If you feel like you may not have the birth support you need from your partner or family members, I am here for you! Contact me today to get started on your journey to a positive birth experience.

Contact: Kait Pacheco

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