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Connecting Kitchen

The Connecting Kitchen brings moms and kids closer together, one recipe at a time. We offer cooking classes and a coaching program to teach moms how to make dinnertime work for them. Cooking together is a great way to build a strong relationship. We don’t just help you get dinner on the table. We show you how to work as a team, improve communication and conversation, increase respect for each other, learn about healthy eating, and bond over some awesome food! 

We believe that teaching your kids to cook and live a healthy lifestyle prepares them for a long, happy, and vibrant life. Not only that, they will soon be able to cook for you!

Single moms have a lot on their plate. With a little guidance and some delicious recipes we can show you how to use mealtime to build healthier and stronger relationships with your kids.

I teach a free Zoom cooking class the last Tuesday of each month (6:30pm EST) in the Parenting for Connection Facebook group with lots of tips. I also teach a Zoom cooking class most Sundays at 5pm EST. Class Schedule is here. Join me and invite your kids. The classes are a lot of fun and it gets dinner on the table.

You can also join my email list for recipe ideas and upcoming class information delivered right to your inbox.

Contact Name: Meryl Hunte 

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