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Chasing Dreams & Making a Positive Impact

Christine Campbell Rapin is a lifestyle strategist, business success coach and bonus Mom to 2 daughters. With over 25 years thriving in male dominated industries in the corporate world, she has learned to define success on her own terms. She advocates strongly for women to stop investing all their energies working 50+ hours a week building someone else’s dreams as an employee and to prioritize building their own dreams by becoming entrepreneurs, whether it is a side hustle being run along a family and/or corporate career or making the transition to full time business ownership. Christine has a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA in International Business and utilizes her corporate expertise and experience as a 2 time business owner to mentor others on how to shift from being an employee to being your own boss by committing 1 hour a day to building something for yourself. If you are struggling to know where your next chapter beings, check out the course PLOT TWIST: I’ve Been Fired!!! 4 Strategies to Rebuild Your Life & Launch Your Next Chapter. You will learn to define success on your terms, get clear on what you want in life and create an action plan to make an adventure. You truly get to choose your own adventure. Members will receive a 10% discount on the course when booking directly through Christine.

Contact Name: Christine Campbell Rapin

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