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October 2021 Newsletter

The Parenting & Kids quarter is here!

I love this quarter! Everything to do with parenting and kidlets and family. There are a plethora of topics we can share. I know you have questions. We all do. We even have things we don’t know that we don’t know! How’s that for a mind twister? Rest assured The Cove is here to help fill that gap. So you can look forward to lots of fabulously informative material to continue to come your way for the next three months!
In other exciting news, we are now on Instagram! Find us @thecoveglobal. I cannot even begin to explain how much I have stressed and procrastinated about this, wanting it to be just perfect. Talking to so many people about how to do it properly, etc. And then my 21 year-old daughter said “Mom! Just do it. You’ve got this!” So, three posts in and I’m going to keep at it. As I remind myself that she’s actually right, I also realize that you are moms and women who understand our quirks with perfectionism, getting busy and forgetting to deal with it altogether, and just being plain old nervous. Just do it, and if it’s not exactly what I wanted, it’s okay, it will be close, and with any luck you won’t even notice, or you’ll forgive me. ūüėČ LOL Thank you in advance btw.

One month in…so far so good. Thank goodness!

So, September and the first month of school have¬†come and gone, hopefully without incident for you or your children. I hope that they are happily settled at school into the normal that we have all been missing for so long. I know that my youngest is super happy to be back in the land of the living instead of his entire social life being based on online gaming (insert Mom “ugh” and eye-rolling here). Get this, he’s met girls in person this year and is showering without me having to beg, and I mean literally beg. That’s definitely my thanks for this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be big pomp and circumstance. You can be thankful for the little things. I’m thankful my children are healthy. I’m thankful for my friends who support me, and I do not take that for granted in any way. What¬†are you thankful for? This is a great tie between our last quarter of self care, and Thanksgiving. Remind¬†yourself each day that you always have something you can be thankful for. Concentrate on those happy thoughts, and not the yucky stuff.¬†¬†

Parenting….am I doing it right? Are there resources at The Cove?

I am so happy that we have some amazing Trusted Partners whose expertise is in the parenting and kids field.¬†Parenting for Connection¬†is one, and I can tell you Robbin McManne is one fabulous woman. Nicole Arnold of¬†Flourishing Moms¬†is another amazing woman who is here to help you tweak what needs tweaking, especially with your teens. Allison Loucks of¬†Extraordinary Relationships¬†can help you with the “ex” and with anyone new in your life, so that you can have a peaceful and happy blended family. And Dana Etherington at¬†Cedar Tree Therapy¬†is another super option with great references, and who also supports teenagers.¬†Straight Up Health¬†is also an amazing place for virtual and in person sessions for your youth to young adult aged family members. And Moms, you can reach out to¬†Flourish¬†for everything Mom related including talk therapy sessions.¬†There are so many fabulous options so you can find the right fit and location.

“Therapy” is not just for those in need of mental health support. Getting your teen to speak with a professional is so beneficial for their self-confidence in that they feel like they have regained some control. There are always topics that they want to share with a third party, and not Mom. Moms are great and all, even if you have an amazing relationship with your kids, but sometimes it’s just easier to spill the honest truth to a stranger. Please take advantage of these amazing women that are at your disposal and are all highly recommended by other moms.

Count your blessing this weekend.

Remember to count your blessings for our Canadian Thanksgiving this Monday. Thank yourself for the amazing job you are doing juggling everything and everyone. And thank your munchkins for being great little people (or big people, lol)!

Get ready to chime in with your parenting advice, tips and tricks for the next three months while we are in our Parenting & Kids quarter. We can all use advice and suggestions and appreciate you sharing your brilliance with us. The more we share, the more we grow, and the stronger we all become!


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Take care of those you love, AND YOURSELF TOO! 

From your Cove Team Moms,
Athena, Aleka, Michele & Heidi