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November 2021 Newsletter

November – A Time for Changes

The seasons are changing. The weather is changing, and so our wardrobes are changing to our cozy old sweaters again (big yay!). The clocks have changed, and we aren’t waking up to bleak darkness any more.

Time. It’s all about time. Time is everything. You can’t make it, earn it, save it up, trade it or buy it. You just have to make the best use of your time that you possibly can. There are a variety of ways to organize / maximize / track your time. I am a list maker. Old fashioned pen and paper lists with beautiful daytimers and notebooks. I thrive on ticking an item off my list. Right after I’ve added five more To Do’s to the list ūüėÜ. Others are masters of the electronic calendar, iPhones, iCals, GoogleCalendars, and the myriad of cool tips and tricks to keep them on task and plough through the workload. Whatever method you use, the key is to use what works for YOU! Go ahead, call me and my favourite pens and agenda book pass√© – I love it, and it works for me! ūüďē

Organization – The Pros & The Cons

The pros of staying uber organized… you know what’s what and when it’s happening. You can schedule things and follow that schedule easily for the most part – until someone barfs at school, and the schedule goes down the toilet also. People who work together can have access to each other’s schedules (in the e-world that is) which can be super helpful if you have other people scheduling things for you. It can also help minimize¬†the wasting of any time by keeping¬†us accountable for our hours.¬†

Another fabulous “pro” is that it also allows you to see whether or not you have¬†scheduled any YOU time, or some special time with the kids. Just add it to the schedule and it is far more likely to actually happen.¬† It will also likely happen much sooner than if you don’t schedule it because¬†you will be waiting for the perfect gap for these¬†important soul feeding moments….and it won’t come. Psychologically, you will also be able to look forward to it more because you have planned it, and can relax and enjoy it knowing you have allocated this special time and everything else can wait its turn. You will give this time your everything, as it deserves.

The cons of staying super organized… you could be one of those people who finds lists of appointments to be more stressful than winging it or relying on post-it notes all around the perimeter of your desktop. It could also beg the question “why do I have to schedule everything in my life?” Valid point for some. Consider the “siesta” mentality. Sounds pretty good to me if I’m being honest. Why do we North Americans feel the need to work ourselves to death, collapse into bed and then wake up to do it all again? All this in an effort to “keep up” or “get ahead” or “move up in the pecking order at work”? But do we? Is it worth it? Or are we simply missing out on valuable and irreplaceable time with our loved ones?

Many countries don’t believe in the North American rat race. I think they may be on to something. If we have learned nothing else from the last 20 months, is it not that life goes on without stressing about work as much as we used to?¬† Less mental work stress, less exhaustion, less burn-out, live longer, live happier, better balance of work and home.¬†Sounds pretty logical to me. We should all try to do a little more of this.

Let’s re-evaluate

Let’s all plan to sit down for ten minutes, we all have ten minutes in the next few day to do this, and re-evaluate how you spend or¬†prioritize your time. Are your priorities clear and reasonable? Do you have a healthy work and¬†home balance? Are the kids getting enough of you? Are you getting enough time for you? I know you keep thinking “when is she ever going to let that “looking after me” thing go? The answer is NEVER, so embrace it baby! Just embrace it. ūüėė

A few years ago, my awesome neighbour Dennis, reminded me that you can never get back time once it’s gone. I knew that, but somehow when Dennis said it that day¬†it really hit home. Think about your children for example – you can’t get back those awesome inquisitive four-year-old years, or the sweet snuggling story time years, or the hugs that nearly choke you years. I’m starting to miss some of those years (not the moody puberty years, just to be clear).¬†Dennis is right. I can’t go back. So let’s all make a concerted effort to embrace,¬†appreciate and even revel in the awesomeness of the current moments of greatness that we have right now. Remember to love it for all that it is because it won’t happen again. Take pictures whenever you can which will spark those warm loving memories and make you smile for years and years to come. Use that organizer of yours (old fashioned or e-versions) to make sure you are appreciating your time. Every moment of it. Why? Because you’re worth it! ūüíú

It is time!

Parenting takes a lot of work, just like your office work does. So make sure you give just as much (if not more) time to yourself, your children, your family, and your friends who help keep you grounded and remind you of what a great job you are doing. The office work will still be there tomorrow, next week, and next month. But tomorrow may the one and only time your toddler has their first something-or-other, or your teenager wants to cry with you about their first break-up. Be there for those. It feeds your soul. I promise. 


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Take care of those you love, AND YOU! 

From your Cove Team Moms,
Athena, Aleka, Michele & Heidi