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May 2021 Newsletter


The Cove’s website launches this Sunday – Mother’s Day 2021

The Cove is a creation made with love and passion for our fellow Moms.  This is an amazing space for single Moms to learn, grow, share, and support each other along our journey. The beauty of it all is that our new site will forever continue to flourish and develop helping in more ways and including more single Moms every week, month and year. We are giddy with excitement, and hope that you will love what we are creating!

No one is more excited about the launch of The Cove’s website than the Mom who had this dream. She is now seeing it all come to life. May I introduce you to Athena…

Dear Single Parent:

In 2006, I got divorced and found myself single with a toddler. I was moving to a different area of town where I knew no one, and had no help nearby. Add in the fact that I was newly self-employed… and I was staring down a big, new situation. 

As years passed, I grew adept at changing hats from nurturing mom to primary breadwinner to home handy-woman. Sure, there were moments when I looked at my son, turned away and cried, because I had no clue what I was doing. Or maybe it was just exhaustion. Yet there were other moments –  like when he finally learned to tie his shoelaces – that felt like a lottery win. And although I know all moms feel the burdens of motherhood, there’s a big difference when you’re doing it on your own and juggling all the other demands of life.

Regardless of how you became a single parent, the challenges we face have many similarities. There’s never enough time. When we do find a few moments, although we want to be having fun with our kids and making memories, we tend to fill them up with some long-overdue task or chore. Sometimes, there isn’t enough money. Even when there is, we tend to find a way to spend it for the benefit of our kids. 

The Cove aims to give you extra time, efficiency and a better all-round life as a single mom. To speed up the must-do aspects of your day so you have more time to have fun with your kids or to take care of yourself. It’s a specialized resource for single parents offering mom-tested information and trusted partners to help you when you don’t know where to turn… like when the sump pump, furnace or car quits.

I believe we moms need to look out for one another. This website reflects that, providing opportunities for those in need of help, and those offering it. I sure wish it had existed when I began the single parent life. 

I’d love to hear from you on what features are working for you and how we can keep improving The Cove. If I can offer one piece of advice I would tell you to stop and smell the roses once in a while – for yourself and for your kids. I’m trying to do a bit more of that myself. 

Welcome to The Cove.


The Mom celebrating continues!

Another big day to celebrate is coming this weekend – Mother’s Day! The Cove website is our Mother’s Day gift to you. This is the day that celebrates and acknowledges YOU. It’s for the sacrifices you make because you love those little ones so very much. It’s for all those sleepless nights past and present. It’s also for baking cookies with them, being the best listener ever, knowing how to make them smile, and for always having the most soothing hugs. They know you will always be there, have their back, and support their dreams, and that makes you the best Mom in the world! 

We ask each of you to please take a moment for yourself on Mother’s Day, be it two minutes or two hours. Time for you to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and think about all of your successes as their Mom. Then we ask you to reach out another Mom and remind her how awesome she is, and what a great job she is doing raising her children.

Let’s make May miraculous for Moms!

Last month we talked about positivity. I hope you found a way (a new affirmation or hobby perhaps) to increase the number of smiles for you, and those around you. Let’s combine all that new-found positivity, the awesomeness of Mother’s Day, and the super exciting launch of The Cove’s website, to make this an incredible month. Moms are so great at supporting each other. We appreciate the value of our girlfriends, our sisters and mother. We are not afraid to lean on each other to vent, laugh, cry, hug and share. This is The Cove Global … Moms supporting Moms.

You’re doing an awesome job! 

From your Cove Team Moms,
Athena, Aleka, Michele & Heidi