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June 2021 Newsletter

It’s June! Does that make you say “woo hoo” or “holy crap!”?

Can you believe it?! Our university kids are all home from school now, and God-willing, working in some capacity. It’s the last month of school for elementary and high school kids who will soon be free for the summer. Hopefully they will be able to play with friends, return to sports, enjoy the outdoors, and even go to camp!

Are you now scrunching up your nose and thinking “hmm, now that you mention it, what the heck are my kids going to do this summer?” In previous years, we have all been so incredibly diligent about making sure summer activities were booked long in advance, and that everyone would be happily occupied all summer long. Last summer threw us for a loop – a whole lot of nothin’. But I have hope that this summer will be better!

Let’s get the kids laughing and having fun.

So what can we do to try to ensure that the munchkins get their happy vibes back? Let’s think both inside and outside the box. Look for ideas that you wouldn’t normally have considered. Think about braving that camping trip (maybe start with a backyard camping night first – lol). Try organizing a new bubble of friends for the kids and have rotating play days – five kids from five families, each Mom gets all five for one day of the week (M-F), and each Mom also gets four days to get work done and / or look after herself.

Other ideas include renting a cottage, or a resort stay somewhere, perhaps in Muskoka

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has lots of ideas here.

Or you could explore some of Ontario’s provincial parks here.

Red Tricycle has some fabulous outside the box activity ideas, online classes, and more to sign up for.

Get happy making memories together as a family!

In our April Newsletter we wrote about our mental health being strongly attached to our social lives. The happier you are, the more likely you are to make social connections which help develop your positive self-esteem. Well, the kids have been missing out on this too. Now is the time to strengthen and rejuvenate their self-confidence and happiness.

One of the best ways to do this is with memorable family activities. A road trip, let the kids choose the route and guide you; or a bike trail ride with a picnic lunch; or a “Yes Day”. Perhaps you let the kids bring a friend along for even more giggles. Two kids? Let one bring a friend this time, and you get some quality time with the other. And then you switch for next time? Smiles are the goal of the day, that’s it.

Another idea – starting now, have everyone keep writing ideas on slips of paper and put them in a jar. A few days before your big day you choose slip from the jar and make all the necessary preparations to make it fabulous. Make sure the kids are involved in the prep too so that they can take some ownership and feel proud about the day they helped organize. 

Always good to remember to pack a couple band-aids, snacks, water and sunscreen!

What are great memories without great photos!

I happen to be one of those Moms who has always had a camera in my kids’ faces. Yep, the eye-rolling “omg maawm” all the time. Too bad! And I’m glad for it, because now we have so many great photo memories of those great times together. Please take lots and lots of pictures! And let the kids take some too! It is very interesting to look through their lens sometimes.

This can then make for another activity for the kids (of all ages) – a memory collage of the day that you can frame and hang in the house. Or a scrapbook of their summer that they can add to all summer long. These can make amazing gifts for grandparents too (wink wink). Have a look at some scrapbooking options here. There are oodles out there to help you make it as simple or ornate as you and your kids would like.

June is going to fly by.

Let’s do some planning now so you can enjoy the best summer ever, making wonderful memories that you will smile and laugh about for a lifetime. I know you love hearing them say “remember when…” with huge smiles on their faces! Let’s make more of those this summer.

We want to hear from you! Send us photos of your memorable days, we would love to share them with our Moms, both here and on The Cove Global website. If you haven’t been to the new site yet, please come check us out. You can add your details and register for free to have access to all that we want to share with you. If you registered on our previous landing page, we would ask you to re-register on the new site so that you will have full access. Thank you.

Sending you positivity, sunshine and smiles every single day.

Stay safe and happy friends.

From your Cove Team Moms,
Athena, Aleka, Michele & Heidi