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July 2022 Newsletter

Happy Canada Day!

We at The Cove Global hope that you had the most wonderful Canada Day, celebrating all that you love about living here, the freedoms we enjoy, the taxes we do not enjoy, the never-ending variety of hot spots, breathtaking landscapes, our four seasons, our Great Lakes, maple syrup, poutine, ice hockey, Tim Hortons, our laid back apologetic nature (sorry, I had to add that, because it’s so true), Canada geese, the beaver, BeaverTails, our RCMP, and our incredible multiculturalism across the country, just to name a few. We are lucky, and we hope you spent the day with your loved ones big and little, celebrating in your own personal way.

Our Self Care Quarter is here, it’s really here!

Okay, so now that we have the summer plans for the kids all worked out, let’s concentrate on you! Yes, Y-O-U! July 1st brought not only Canada Day, but a new Quarter here at The Cove. Yep, we are now in the Self Care Quarter!! Aren’t you so excited? You should be, because we are going to give you so much information, oodles of suggestions, and lots of connections to help you learn to make YOU a priority.

Did you know that there are seven, yes – 7, types of rest. News to me, but it totally makes sense. To be honest, this never occurred to me until I read this article. Rest does not just mean sleep. We moms wear many hats. We need to ensure that we give each part of ourselves the appropriate attention in order to recharge each of those “batteries”, for example emotional rest versus sensory rest. Have a look at this great article for additional enlightenment. After all, knowledge is power, and we want to empower you.


What would you tell your best friend to do?

We moms are the absolute best at not taking our own advice. For some reason we all seem more interested in being helpers of others than of ourselves. Ever heard the expression “practice what you preach”? Well, I’m guilty of it too. I have the best of intentions to start this or that (as I’ve mentioned before, meditation being one of mine), but I still haven’t done it. So, how do we get our s#!t together and just do it?! Well, there are really three ways to go about taking this giant step towards taking our own great advice. If my friends take my advice, why shouldn’t I? My goal is just to help my friend, so why wouldn’t I help myself at the same time? Yeah, it’s that simple. But we have so much stuff mulling around in our heads, and so many things going on in our lives with kids, family and work that we can always say we don’t have time. MAKE TIME! 

So, the three ways to get this going… (1) Enlist a friend who is in the same boat as you and do it together. Motivate each other and be accountable to each other. (2) Hire a life coach to help motivate and inspire you to get your buttinsky in gear this year. Accountability to someone else. (3) If sharing this journey isn’t your cup of tea, then find a reason or set a timeline to accomplishing your goal. Put it in writing and hold yourself to it by having a reward when you reach your goal, something to look forward to when you succeed. 

There are so many books out there to support you also, but check out Get Out of Your Own Way, and have a look at The Self Care Prescription for some more great advice. Both come highly recommended by other moms to help get your journey started.

If you would prefer something more personal, like a life coach, you can look to our Trusted Partners at The Cove Global, which you will have access to after you become a member (it’s free!). We have lots of easy access to support there.

Finding your happy place! 

We all have one. A place, real or fictitious, concrete or only in our mind’s eye, that we go to when things get to be too much. Perhaps you imagine yourself on a beach listening to the ocean tide wash in and out. NO! I know I said “tide”, but don’t think of laundry right now, we’re having a lovely moment here. Where were we? Right, the warm blue ocean water washing over your toes as you sit and watch the sun set.  Or perhaps your happy place is in your backyard lying on the grass listening to the wind and the birds around you. Or maybe it’s climbing to the top of a local mountain after hiking the most beautiful trail to get there. Maybe it’s napping in the middle of the day with your little ones; or reading a new and mysterious novel. What if you don’t have a happy place? Well let’s fix that right now. Here are some suggestions to finding your happy place….

  • recall places where you have appreciated the sounds;
  • summon up places where you have enjoyed the visual images;
  • get outside where you can experience the elements that contribute to happiness;
  • remember where you were when you experienced deep contentment and meaning;
  • re-read your favourite book from your childhood;
  • do some volunteer work;
  • get active;
  • share some laughs with old friends.

Have more ideas? Have you already accomplished your goal? 

Please share your experience or suggestions with us in our private facebook page. Join us, share your wisdom and ensure we can all reach our happy place whenever we need or want it. Share your success story, we would love to hear it! 


Take time to breeeathe!

We live such go-go-go lives taking care of everyone and everything around us. One of the simplest things you can do is take a few minutes each day to just close your eyes and breathe. Apparently we breathe in and out about 22,000 times per day. So of those, let’s use about 40 of them to take deep meaningful concentrated breaths, the kind you’ve seen yogis do. In through the nose for three count, hold for five count, and out through the mouth (or nose) for three count.

There are so many benefits from deep relaxed breathing including helping with anxiety, depression, managing stress, improved focus, better sleep, improving digestion, and faster recovery from exercise / exertion, to name a few.

Here is your starting guide to the benefits of deep breathing and how to breathe properly to support your health and well-being. 


The Cove Global and YOU!

Here at The Cove Global our mission is to save Moms time, simply because time is so valuable. You can’t buy it, borrow it, rent it or steal it. So less wasted time means more time to spend making memories with the munchkins, more time on well earned and much needed self care, or more time building your business that you have put your heart and soul (and money) into. Keep track of your time, take back some time, and make great use of it for your benefit. Sounds like another great goal for 2022!


We love hearing from you, so please keep your stories and comments coming in. Share with us on our facebook page, or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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This month, wiggle your toes in the grass, look up to the sun and thank yourself for all that you give to others, and commit to doing a bit more for YOU! 

From your Cove Team Moms,
Athena, Aleka, Michele & Heidi