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January 2022 Newsletter

BRING IT ON 2022! I’m holding the reins this year!

And a new year is upon us. New resolutions? New plans? New job? New baby? New friends? New resources – yep, done –! New health regimen? New hobby? New daily affirmation or positivity quote? Start a meditation or mindfulness practice – or both! New online fitness app? Take an online course?

The possibilities for 2022 are endless!! I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of the New Year Resolution fad. However, ya ya, I said “however”, this year I am going to reconsider. “Why” you ask? Well, okay, here goes…. I feel that I did a decent job juggling and balancing life over the last 20 months, given the circumstances. But it is clear to me now that I need an even better balance if I don’t want to burn out. 2021 was draining for everyone, on a lot of levels. The Cove Global has been one of the awesome blessings of my year that helped feed my soul, and where I have met some truly amazing humans. The Cove has continually reminded me that we CAN make a difference when we support each other. So, instead of passively repelling yuckiness and sadness, I’m going to actively seek out joy and happiness in 2022, and I invite you to join me.

Though I am not sure what form it will take just yet, I don’t think you have to know right away. But you DO have to keep your eyes, ears and mind open to any new possibilities that come your way. It’s like starting university – you may not know what you specifically want to study so you go into General Arts and try to find something that piques your passion. We can all agree that Covid sucks, but we should all be determined not to let it get the better of us or those we love. That is my commitment.

I am going to keep reaching out by phone to a friend – for both our benefit. Mail a handwritten letter. Drop off homemade cookies. Get back to my crafting hobbies that I used to get so much pleasure from. I’m going to be open to new ideas. I’m going to make a new friend (or ten)! Let’s just start with a positive attitude and some hope – remember “hope” from last month’s newsletter? Let’s start there and work at it and see where 2022 takes us. This isn’t a Disney flick, this is real life. We have to put some effort into making our life awesome. Let’s do it together!

Open Mind to All the Possibilities for 2022!

Let’s share what we have discovered over the last year, or what we find this year too. Share a link to a great site, or a great article about self-improvement in our Facebook Group chat. We will all have come across something that connected with us on a deep and personal level. And if you haven’t yet, you will soon because now you are open to it and looking for it. Your great find could be just the thing another Mom here in The Cove is needing too. So share it! You could be giving someone a lifeline that they need at exactly the right moment. Just like smiling at a stranger may change their entire day. Just reach out and do it. It’s so easy and could not only do so much good for someone else, but will also give you the warm fuzzies too.

AND A NEW QUARTER BEGINS – Finances – I Wish I Had a Money Tree!

January also brings with it a new quarter at The Cove Global … Security. This is our financial quarter. After all those gifts you gave from your heart over the holidays, or the fabulous meals that you prepared for your loved ones – they all cost money. So, let’s get those finances back in order. I am so happy to tell you that we have lots of financial resources for you on our website. If you haven’t already joined The Cove Global for free, make this your very first resolution so that you will have easy access to everything and everyone we have to share with you.

Whether you want to find out how to start a new business, refinance your home, or purchase a second property or an investment property, or consolidate all your debt, finally deal with getting that life insurance you’ve been unable to deal with until now, or get help organizing and making a plan for your money, we have it all for you.

Looking to do some refinancing to deal with your debts, or purchase a new or second property, then Sherwood Mortgage Group is where you go. No question. Full stop. Athena Constantinou is able to answer any and all questions you may have and is looking forward to helping her fellow single moms.

Renee Sylvestre-Williams who writes The Budgette is fabulous. She has an email subscription service chock full of insightful and researched information for singles and single-income homes. She will also gladly answer any questions you may have! 

Perhaps you have a business or want to start one and need a payment processing system (POS). We have an amazing contact for you there too. Contact Pat Ekmali at Simplii Pay at 647-472-6778 (you can find them at Ignite Pay on our site). Pat and Reza will take care of you from start to finish with the best rates in town. They can also assess your current system and advise if you could save some money. No down side here!

We have two fabulous CPA’s to choose from … Mayur Gandhi CPA or Rina Gembom of Skysmart Accounting. Both of whom are wonderful people and eager to help our Cove moms.

If it’s insurance that you’re finally deciding to prioritize this year, then we have options for you in that department too…. Kelly Kacor of Allstate, Sheena Hunter of Sunlife, Daniel Italiano of Oracle RMS, and Jay Bernbaum of TriDelta Financial. Find the rep that works best for you.

Edith Kernerman and Anthony Gordon (a tax lawyer) of FiduSure Financial are eagerly waiting to help you with your financial planning and tax minimization strategies to build and protect your wealth for yourself and your children’s future.​

Please be sure to let these great partners know that you found them through The Cove Global.

Money Education for the Kids Too!

Another fabulous partner that we have is Kiddienomics. Stacy Brown and her daughter (and some special guests) offer free weekly online seminars for kids aged 8 – 13 all about financial literacy. Such valuable lessons to be found here, and you are never too young to learn about money!

Trusting Someone Can be the Hardest Thing To Do

Whether it’s about taking a leap of faith for your personal growth and happiness, or trusting someone with your precious finances that you have worked so hard to accumulate, we are here for you. We want to help you find just the right fit as these are both very personal areas. Our Trusted Partners have all come highly recommended usually by another mom, so reach out and have a chat. Find someone that you feel comfortable with and take that leap of faith so you can cross another stressor off your list for 2022.

Remember, 2022 is going to be YOUR year. The year that YOU are going to be in charge. The year that you are going to re-jig, re-start, re-think and revitalize yourself to make this a fabulous year to remember. The Cove is here to help you find what works for YOU! Looking for something in particular, let us know at and we will happily source some options out for you.


We love hearing from you, so please keep your stories and comments coming in. Share with us on our facebook page, or email us at We look forward to hearing from you again soon!

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Let’s make 2022 your year! 

From your Cove Team Moms,
Athena, Aleka, Michele & Heidi