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Welcome to The Cove 2021!

Well, 2020 was quite a ride for the whole world, and, it continues. Covid-19 changed everything; work, school, kids, parents, businesses, the environment, our patience, our creativity, our empathy and our personal views about a lot of things, if not everything.

One thing did not change…our love and devotion to our children. Our love may in fact have even deepened over the past year as we watched (almost) helplessly as our children’s social lives suffered, their education suffered, and their sense of self suffered.

There will be a lot to re-build when the world goes back to “normal”, but there are some things I pray remain changed forever, such as being a good human. We have seen a lot of this lately, and I applaud it.


A big and little thing called gratitude.

Gratitude can be shown in so many little ways, and yet make such a big difference to someone. The power of gratitude that we have learned is so deserving to all of our front line workers, most especially our brave doctors and nurses who continue their relentlessly battle against this obnoxious and merciless virus.

We have also learned how important other heroes are to us: the cashier at the grocery store, the care worker who checks on your Mom every day, and the awesome delivery people who selflessly bring your mail and all those brown boxes that make you smile. Your local restaurant chefs and drivers who delivered your family’s favourite dinner, when just the thought of cooking almost made you cry that night.

Yep, those awesome humans! I hope we never forget how truly wonderful and important these and so many other heroes are to our happiness and sanity.



The kindness of strangers.

There are many who have had a much more difficult time over the past year, and I hope that humanity continues to reach out, find and support those souls.

I have seen hundreds of emotional posts that displayed some of the most wonderful acts of human kindness by sharing, caring, donating, fixing, smiling and supporting their fellow humans, just …because.

Whether it is time or money, a meal or a smile, a drive-by parade or balcony musicians, I hope we never forget how invaluable these acts of kindness are to our existence.



The Cove update

The Cove Global is still working behind the scenes putting together another wonderful place for all of you. A website where we can continue to be good humans, look after and support each other, share information, experiences and ideas. The website launch had to be postponed, but our passion to bring you a fabulous new resting spot still burns within us. Until then, we would love for you to join us on our Facebook page.

We want to see The Cove grow into the powerful circle of support that we dream of. A one stop, full service, find-it-here space where we reach out together, so you won’t have to waste any more time searching aimlessly for what you need. We are coming. And it will be fabulous!

Please stay safe. Keep being a good human, and smile every day!

From your Cove Team Moms,
Athena, Aleka, Michele & Heidi