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December 2021 Newsletter

Another one bites the dust.

In less than a month 2021 will be behind us. Some will say “thank God!”, and others may be sad to see it go because some amazing stuff happened over the last twelve months for them. No matter which side you are on, we all agree that we hold the same hope that 2022 will be better in every respect.

Hope is an interesting thing. It is defined as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen”. We all have hopes…. hope that we all stay healthy this year; hope that we can make more money this year; hope that our eldest gets accepted into their first choice university; or hope that you will start some new and wonderful habits this year that will bring you more peace and happiness. There are many scientifically proven benefits to being hopeful. Not only should we maintain our own hope, but we should also make sure we develop it in our children as it is beneficial to both mental and physical health. What an amazing gift to be able to give our children … HOPE!

Hope improves your physical health.

Primarily, in terms of physical benefits, hope by nature means that we are always looking ahead and planning to move forward. It has also shown to benefit your immune system and decrease pain sensors. Hope combats our feelings of uncertainty and helplessness, and increases our resilience to deal with any difficult matters that arise. We become problem solvers, instead of problem dwellers. Or look on the bright side instead of the dark side. Glass half full mentality instead of half empty. You get where I’m going.

Hope improves your mental health.

Given that hope and depression are opposites, it stands to reason that the more hope you have the less likely you are to suffer from depression and anxiety. Hope helps you deal with setbacks so that instead of anxiety taking over, your hopeful side recognizes that this is all manageable. This too shall pass. Hope saves our brain from being an “all-or-nothing” thinker or a “deep-ender” as we call it at our house. So you fell in, no problem, doggie paddle if you must to the edge of the pool and catch your breath, get out and try again, and conquer it (aka kick ass baby!).

Hope helps us be one of those amazing people who smile – a LOT! And we all know the amazing benefits of positivity and smiles. If you have hope, you are happier by nature, that feel-good feeling rubs off on those around you. What would this world be like with a bajillion happy hopeful people?! Bloody brilliant, that’s what! Be hopeful, think positively, smile at strangers, make new friends. Every little bit helps not only ourselves and our children, but those around us too. 

Hope helps you choose healthier behaviours. 

When we have hope we are open to trying new and positive behaviours and habits, like starting to exercise for example. That behaviour then becomes one that we want to repeat because it made us feel good. This then becomes a new habit and voilá a new healthy behaviour has been born! One hurdle tackled, let’s see what else we can do. The positivity you gain from the new behaviour feeds your desire to find more positive behaviours. The first feeds the second which feeds the third, and so on, and so on. Brilliant!

Hope is not far-fetched dreaming, but a true sense of positivity.

Yes, being a positive thinker can take some work at the start, but it is infectious, and worth the effort. People become hopeful in different ways, such as …. dreaming big; choosing happiness; seeking inspiration; working together; embracing uncertainty; and keeping wonder alive. Being hopeful also mean that you are more present in your life – paying attention to what is going on around you. Noticing the good things (big and small) helps keep your positivity fed and your ambition to hold onto hope all that much stronger. Adding one or two of these mindsets can get you on the road to hopeful living faster than you may think. 

Start a new hopeful mindset as a woman and a mom.

As Athena (our Cove lead single mama) would say, we Moms “wear a lot of hats”. I hadn’t heard this phrase before, but it’s an excellent way to describe having oodles of responsibilities and needing to be many different versions of yourself in order to tend to them all properly. Loving Mom, good listener friend, hard core boss, giving soul to those in need, church-goer, soccer mom, sister, daughter, entrepreneur, kid chauffeur, in-house chef, part-time nurse, dreamer, believer, and so much more, but above all …. hopeful. We can’t be the best version of ourselves if we aren’t hopeful and happy, positive and productive, energetic and enthusiastic, adaptable and awesome! The possibilities are endless if you have hope. You and your hope have the power to take your mindset and make it what you want it to be. Tweak it or overhaul it, and then watch your soul and everyone around you grow in 2022. The upcoming year is for the new and hopeful YOU!!


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Take care of those you love, AND YOU! 

From your Cove Team Moms,
Athena, Aleka, Michele & Heidi